Biden Motorcade Surrounded

( On Tuesday, Joe Biden visited a computer chip company in Freeland, Michigan, to promote his economic agenda.

According to a report, Biden’s speech to SK Siltron union workers was full of the usual half-truths and full lies. Biden talked about his American Rescue Plan, a massive spending program that exacerbated inflation.

The South Korean company SK Siltron expects to treble its production at the plant in the coming years. It’s the latest in a string of major foreign investments in the United States industrial and technological sectors, announced by Biden as part of his administration’s attempt to bring vital components and goods back home after the COVID-19 epidemic exacerbated long-simmering supply chain concerns.

Protesters lined the street as Biden left the Bay City computer chip plant.  As Biden’s convoy passed, protesters screamed, “Let’s go, Brandon!”

Meanwhile, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen blamed the near 40-year peak in inflation on consumers’ excessive spending habits.

According to Fox News, Yellen appeared on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” and was asked about the price spikes that have afflicted the United States for more than a year.

Colbert challenged her to explain to his audience how inflation became so out of control when two years ago, everything appeared fine. The late-night comedian, known for his sycophantic support for President Biden and Democrats, even mentioned that the Biden administration dismissed inflation as a negligible risk just last year.

Yellen contended that the administration handled the COVID-19 outbreak so well that consumers felt safe “splurging” on goods. She also blamed Russia for the rise in food and gas prices later in the conversation.

Uh oh. It’s time to check Nana Janet’s pill box for stray pills.

The report shows that there was no mention during the remarks of multitrillion-dollar spending bills passed and signed during Biden’s administration.

Despite prices of goods rising past the 40-year high, Biden told a reporter last month that the economy was “strong as hell.”

Is everyone in the Biden administration skipping their pills?