Biden Left A Handwritten Message For Zelensky

( Joe Biden’s handwritten note to Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the president of Ukraine, during Biden’s unexpected visit to Kyiv on Monday, sparked more controversy. Biden left a message in a visitor’s log at the royal palace. He said it was an honor to be welcomed in Kyiv, and with the freedom-loving people of Ukraine, he stands in solidarity.

Addressing Zelenskyy, he wrote that he wanted him to accept his “deepest respect for his courage.” He praised the Ukraine president for his leadership, signing the letter, “Slava Ukraini!”

While in the war-torn nation for just five hours on Monday, President Biden penned the letter. During his trip, he reiterated his administration’s resolve to stand with Ukraine against Russia’s aggression for as long as necessary. During the visit, Biden promised an extra $500 million in military aid. Since Russia’s first invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, the United States has provided more than $100 billion in assistance.

Many on social media were outraged over the US president’s message, which clearly showed sympathy for the country while America had its own, largely ignored catastrophic ecological disaster in East Palestine, Ohio.

People have pointed out America’s “war” at its southern border. They cite rampant inflation, which has sent prices through the roof as Biden writes billions in aid for another nation.

Another user simply remarked, “America last.”

In addition, “it’s also part of your money,” as Students For Trump’s Ryan Fournier put it.

What a tweet to make on Presidents’ Day, eh? Former Trump attorney Jenna Ellis said, “What about love for AMERICA?”

Graham Allen, presenter of the “Dear America Podcast,” said, “You are the BEST President Ukraine has ever had.”

Although many US senators have said they think helping Ukraine should be a high priority, others have highlighted concerns about the lack of control in the continued provision of financial assistance. House of Representatives Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) has voiced opposition to providing Ukraine with an unlimited financial assistance package, but the Biden administration has pledged to stand with Zelenskyy’s government for as long as it takes.