Biden Is Reportedly Working With CIA To Make Big Changes In Brazil

( According to the Gateway Pundit, the United States began deporting Brazilian opposition leaders back to Brazil and the ‘Lula Gulags’ this week. This is occurring concurrently with the presentation of evidence that the January 8 riots in Brazil were staged.

Glenn Greenwald, an American journalist, is complaining about the communist takeover he inadvertently helped support. Greenwald had been a vocal opponent of President Jair Bolsonaro for several years. Lula is back in power, the communists are in complete control, and Marxism is gaining control of Brazil.

According to reports, Chief Supreme Court Justice Alexandre de Moraes, a Lula supporter and ruthless totalitarian continues to jail opposition figures, round up journalists, and imprison opposition protesters, including children, in makeshift gulags.

Matt Tyrmand, a Brazil observer and activist, reported that this was the worst Communist coup in history.

Foreign Policy reported in October, before the run-off election between the populist pro-Brazilian leader Jair Bolsonaro and the communist convicted felon Lula da Silva, that Joe Biden and the CIA were working to ensure a victory for Lula in Brazil.

According to reports, the Biden White House, Defense Department, State Department, and CIA participated in rare, escalating diplomatic meetings with the Bolsonaro administration. Then, they disseminated their false narratives to corporate media.

The White House, Defense Department, State Department, and even the CIA have held meetings and phone calls with Brazilian officials to prevent Bolsonaro from subverting the results of the country’s contentious presidential elections.

Biden’s CIA director William Burns traveled to Brazil in July 2021 to meet with senior Brazilian officials. During the meeting, he warned them that Bolsonaro should stop casting doubt on his country’s electoral process. It was the opening gambit in a quiet campaign by Washington to preempt any moves by Bolsonaro to undermine Brazil’s democracy, current and former officials have said.

A month after Burns’s trip, U.S. National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan traveled to Brazil to reiterate the same warning. A month later, it was the turn of U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s turn, who pressed the Brazilian armed forces chief to pledge to uphold safe and transparent democratic elections.

Will the media report on this?