Biden Gloats Over ‘Historic Haul’

President Biden’s reelection campaign, in collaboration with the Democratic National Committee and other joint fundraising committees, experienced tremendous success in the fourth quarter of 2023, raising over $97 million. The campaign announced This remarkable achievement on Monday, along with the revelation that they now have $117 million at their disposal as they embark on the new year.

Campaign manager Julie Chavez Rodriguez expressed her pride in the historic amount raised, attributing it to the strong and continuously growing grassroots enthusiasm. She emphasized that this impressive accomplishment sends a clear message: the Biden-Harris coalition is fully aware of the importance of this election and is fully prepared to secure victory in November.

The fundraising figures from the final three months of 2023 exceed the amounts raised in the previous two periods, with $72 million and $71 million being raised in the second and third quarters, respectively. Ms. Chavez Rodriguez reiterated the significance of this fundraising success, stating that it reflects the crucial nature of this election for the future of democracy and the protection of hard-fought fundamental rights and freedoms. Moreover, she emphasized that these numbers highlight the American people’s understanding of the stakes and their proactive efforts to help defeat the extreme MAGA Republican agenda once again.

Regarding donation breakdown, the campaign revealed that 97 percent of the contributions received in the fourth quarter were under $200, with an average donation of $41.88. This amount showcases the broad support the campaign has garnered, with over 520,000 donors making more than 926,000 contributions between October and December alone.

Ms. Chavez Rodriguez expressed her gratitude for the early and sustained support that the campaign has received. She highlighted its instrumental role in enabling the campaign to expand its operations nationwide and effectively communicate its message to the communities that will ultimately determine the outcome of this election.

With this substantial financial backing, the Biden-Harris campaign is well-positioned to continue its momentum and make significant strides toward securing victory in November. This successful fundraising effort demonstrates the enthusiasm and dedication of the American people in supporting the Biden-Harris coalition and their shared vision for a better future.