Biden Challenger Slams President As ‘Weak’

U.S. Representative Dean Phillips, who is making a shaky run for the Democrat nomination, attacked Joe Biden to capitalize on the president’s decision not to participate in the New Hampshire primary as being weak and unelectable.

Following the decision by national Democrats to relocate their first primary to South Carolina, a state with a more diverse population, Biden chose not to register for the New Hampshire race.

However, Biden’s backers organized a write-in campaign to guarantee victory in New Hampshire. Midway through January, CNN and the University of New Hampshire issued a poll showing that Biden received 63% of the vote in New Hampshire’s primary, while Phillips received 10%.

The Democrat National Committee has decided the New Hampshire primary will not be valid, meaning that the victor will not be able to collect the state’s 23 delegates on their way to the nomination.

At a campaign rally in Nashua, New Hampshire, the affluent Minnesota Democrat Phillips expressed his optimism for a good showing in Tuesday’s election. After speaking to dozens of people at a senior citizen activity center, Phillips told reporters that the election of a candidate who could fulfill generations of promises would show that the current president is weak and unelectable. He also brought up the problem with Biden’s old age… At a senior citizen center.

Despite voter anxiety over Biden’s age, the White House has downplayed the issue on many occasions.

The Biden re-election campaign has remained silent about Phillips’s campaign.

A bad performance by Biden versus Phillips and self-help guru Marianne Williamson would undoubtedly reinforce fears about his weakness moving into the general election.  But Phillips and Williamson were unlikely to beat Biden.

At an event in Manchester, Williamson told a few dozen people that she thought Biden was ineffective and questioned selecting him for another term only because he defeated Trump.