Biden Accused Of Ignoring Known Danger

One policy expert expressed concern that a conflict with China will soon break out on U.S. land due to increasing interactions with migrants along the southern border.

Gordon Chang, senior scholar at the Gatestone Institute, explained on “Mornings with Maria” that the number of male Chinese who cross without being caught is unknown. Sabotage is an issue. Attacks on our retail malls, military sites, and reservoirs are a real possibility. Many Chinese come in groups of five to fifteen and travel in groups while feigning an inability to speak English. Some of these Chinese individuals have ties to the military and are known to Border Patrol.

On Friday, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) reported that the number of migrant contacts surpassed 200,000 in August, setting a new monthly record and yearly high.

CBP seized 18,000 Chinese nationals along the southern border, according to House Committee on Homeland Security Chairman Rep. Mark Green, R-Tennessee.

Chang voiced alarm about the subterranean illicit bio lab recently found by authorities in Reedley, California. Authorities said they had no idea what was happening within the abandoned warehouse.

A report shows Universal Meditech Inc. (UMI), a California medical supply company, has come under scrutiny after court documents, health reports, and interviews with
persons who conducted business with UMI revealed troubling linkages to China.

According to court documents related to UMI’s business in Fresno, the company is accused of evading attempts to take responsibility for another alleged fraud, violating federal safety regulations, and lying to customers about the reliability of its COVID-19 test kits.
According to Chang, Xi Jinping is arming China for war. He constantly broaches the subject of conflict, and we’re not paying attention because nobody in the White House seems to care.

According to Chang, President Biden hasn’t taken an assertive stance against China for (1) the corruption scandal involving his son, Hunter Biden, and (2) his history of being incorrect on practically every national security and foreign policy issue.