Biden Accused of Funding Iran’s Terrorism Capabilities

Since the 46th president of the United States Joe Biden entered the oval office in January of 2021, the career politician has seemingly made blunder after blunder in every instance in which he has acted in terms of domestic and international governance. Early in his term, Biden openly touted and promoted massive spending packages which resoundingly passed the then Democratically controlled congress. In the aftermath of these pieces of legislation, rampant inflation has crushed the American middle class, peaking in late 2022 at levels not witnessed in decades. Simultaneously, while the American dollar declines, interest rates skyrocket, houses reach prices deemed unaffordable for average families in 99% of the country and 60% of citizens live paycheck to paycheck, the president has allowed millions of illegal migrants to enter the southern border at a record pace.

At the commencement of his term, Biden rescinded many of the former president Donald Trump’s border policies which appeared to have been mitigating the effects of illegal migration and slowing the entry of aliens in the country. Now, as thousands cross every day and the federal government appears unwilling to address the issue, foreign nationals from Iran deemed “special interest” individuals that could pose a threat to American national security have been apprehended. This only proves the point of many Republican politicians who claim that the porous border undermines National Security.

Internationally, Biden has presided over a botched withdrawal from Afghanistan at the beginning of his term in which 13 American servicemen were killed. He also allowed Russia to begin drilling for oil in the north Atlantic which may have emboldened the nation to invade Ukraine. Now, in the Middle East, as Israel is at war with Gaza, Lebanon and other Islamic terrorist groups and states, the Republican representative Harriet Hageman claims that Bidens decision to remove oil sanctions on Iran has emboldened the country to raise revenues and repurpose the funds for terrorist activities.