Bible Reading Marathon Rocks Congress

This weekend marked the beginning of a multi-day Bible reading marathon that will culminate with a reading from the Bible in Congress, a first for the event despite its decades-long tradition.

According to a report, the public is invited to take part in the 34th annual Bible Reading Marathon at the United States Capitol. Until Wednesday at 10 a.m., on the West Terrace of the United States Capitol.

On Tuesday, the United States Capitol will host the first Congressional Bible Reading. Members of Congress will take part in the Bible reading marathon by gathering at the Chaplain’s office in the House of Representatives.

Hundreds of people are expected to participate in the marathon, with plans to read the Bible aloud in various languages. For 90 hours, they will read from Genesis to Revelation aloud on Capitol Hill. Organizers claim that the marathon has the backing of the Houses.

The event is organized by Orlando-based nonprofit evangelical organization Faith & Liberty, which routinely interacts with government officials, distributes Bibles and other resources, and has other events, including Bible studies.

The Marathon has been going strong since 1990, when it was founded by Drs. Corinthia Boone and John Hash. 

In keeping with the longstanding pattern of clergy participation in American politics, eighty ministers from different parts of the nation recently met with legislators to affirm their dedication to cultural activism. 

They are a part of a movement spearheaded by a non-profit in South Carolina called “Faith Wins,” which maintains that the spiritual rather than the political realm is the true source of today’s socio-economic and cultural problems. The organization is rallying religious figures to use their power in the political arena.

Chad Connelly, the organization’s founder, told the media that there’s an authority greater than the government.  America was the first nation to declare that our liberties come from God, not the state.

Faith Wins is heartened by the church’s growing influence. They have seen church leaders and pastors around the nation organizing voter registration campaigns and preaching the gospel in response to the challenges facing the United States today.