Benjamin Netanyahu May Return To Power After A Snap Election In Israel

( Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett is facing calls for a snap election from critics who believe he’s too soft on terrorism. An increasing number of Israelis are responding by backing Itamar Ben Gvir, the further right, a populist alternative to former PM Benjamin Netanyahu.

A Maariv poll conducted last week found that 28% of Israelis want the current government to continue, while 40% of respondents wanted another election.

Bennett’s alliance now has 59 MPs, two short of a Knesset majority.

If Israel conducted elections today, former PM Netanyahu’s Likud party would win 34 seats, while his partners in the RZP/JPP would get 11, Shas would win 8, and UTI would gain 7. This gives the right-wing coalition 59 seats, one short of what’s needed to establish a new government but more than Bennett’s coalition.

Jewish Power MK Ben Gvir, known for his hardline stance against terrorism, is a rising star in Israel. He posted a video of Israelis being attacked last week. In his description, he stated that security forces should be increased, so any rioter who tries to murder cops and troops knows he’ll get a bullet in the head.

Haaretz compared Ben Gvir to Trump.

The report said that Netanyahu isn’t Israel’s Donald Trump. He’s what is stopping the rise of Israel’s Trump. He’s on the left edge of the right and is blocking the rise of populism.

“When he goes, the sky will fall,” the paper said.

Many young Israelis in Jerusalem said they’d back Ben Gvir.

Navi, 16, said he would vote for Ben Gvir on Jerusalem Day last month.

Three other teens said they’d vote for Ben Gvir first, then Netanyahu.

One teen answered, “Bennett sucks,” and called him a liar when asked about the prime minister.

Israeli Daniel Luria, who moved from Australia 26 years ago, wouldn’t comment on the prime minister but said, “Oslo is dead,” referring to the Arab-Israeli accords forged under Bill Clinton to create peace. He said that 21 Arab nations surround Israel. Arabs who don’t want to live in a Jewish state can go. This is the Jewish homeland. Anyone who wants to live here must agree.

Two Israeli mothers who celebrated Jerusalem Day together backed Netanyahu.

Sarah said they were patriotic, adding that Israel only needed to switch the administration, and everything would be good. They’ll vote for Netanyahu, “the one and only.”

Rachel called the 72-year-old ex-PM a “global leader.”

Netanyahu’s social media posts resemble those of previous President Trump. Just as a Biden-Trump rematch appears possible, so does another term for Netanyahu.