Ben Carson Says Black History Month Is About More Than Just Black Americans

( In an op-ed at Fox News, former HUD Secretary Dr. Ben Carson decried the efforts of some activist groups who use Black History Month as a way to push divisive agendas.

Carson offered up his thoughts on Black History Month, arguing that the moments of greatness in US history belong to all Americans.

Likewise, Carson writes, moments in history like the Constitutional Convention or Washington crossing the Delaware, while not typically seen as part of black history, also belong “to the black story as well.”

At the same time, Carson notes that there are some tragedies that affect blacks more than other groups of Americans, including rising crime, fatherless homes, sexually-transmitted diseases, and “discipline issues at school.”

Blacks, Carson explains, are disproportionally impacted by inflation, as well as rising gas and housing prices, as they are a regressive tax on those in the lower-income brackets. The rising price in housing, Carson writes, tends to squeeze blacks out of the market.

Carson also warns of the harm to black communities from unfettered illegal immigration which suppresses wages and harms working-class Americans, including blacks.

He argues that those who claim to care about blacks, including Black Lives Matter and advocates for Critical Race Theory, tend to stay silent when it comes to finding solutions to crime, broken homes, “or other such ills.” Instead, their focus remains on blaming everything on racism, thereby preventing “practical solutions” and leaving the problems unsolved.