Barack Obama Reveals He Avoids Political News During This ‘Cynical time’ 

The 2024 presidential election is five calendar months from occurring. The former 45th President Donald Trump is likely to square off against the incumbent commander in chief Joe Biden. Most recent polls project a very close race between Biden and Trump, with many differing polling firms showing a race with a very small margin dividing the two men. The nation is extremely polarized, and an increasingly small number of people are remaining undecided. The nation is politically divided, polarized, and tense. Trump continues to lead Biden in several key swing states; the election is most likely to be decided by small percentages of voters in these crucial areas. The future remains quite uncertain.

Both Trump and Biden are quite unpopular, with both men being heavily disliked. A recent article by the conservative media outlet Newsmax claimed that Biden currently possesses a 37% approval rating. Trump is equally as unpopular, with only some 41% of people claiming that they possess a favorable opinion of him. As the election cycle gears up, Barack Obama, the former 44th president of the United States, has claimed that he is taking a back seat politically speaking. Obama recently stated in an article published by the Hill that he is removing himself from political news and has been focusing on sports as the country has entered a cynical state. The former presidents’ sentiments which express a desire to detach from a volatile and toxic political climate are certainly palatable and relatable for many American citizens. Many Americans are increasingly fed up with the political system and the mainstream media, which continues to polarize and aggravate the divisions within the country with their sensational, emotionally charged and agenda driven reporting. Unfortunately, though, it appears increasingly that there is truly no escape from politics as nearly every aspect of American life becomes dominated by social and cultural opinion and activism campaigns and is largely and ultimately politically charged.