Athlete With Brain Malfunction Leaves Doctors Wondering

( A 16-year-old wrestler and football star for Mount Pleasant High School in North Carolina was discovered unconscious on the floor of his girlfriend’s home. He appeared to be in his prime.

A defensive lineman for the Mt. Pleasant Tigers, Tylin McDowell, performed admirably in a state playoff game against the Maiden Blue Devils.

That evening, the Tigers lost 46-13. Although no one was hurt, everyone left the field unharmed. The Independent Tribune stated that Tylin and other Mount Pleasant athletes were preparing for the forthcoming wrestling season.

Tylin was unconscious on the floor at his girlfriend’s Mount Pleasant home the day following the match.

Tylin was sent to Atrium Northeast, according to WBTV, where physicians discovered something terrible than dehydration. The doctors said he was having a stroke because of a blockage in his brain’s blood flow.

He had surgery right away to get rid of the clot, and after that, he was moved to Levine Children’s Hospital, where he is now fully recovering.

Concerning Tylin’s stroke, doctors were perplexed as to its etiology. Tylin is improving and can now stand and walk a short distance.

Tim McDowell, Tylin’s father, claims that Tylin has been highly active since a young age.

He said he’s always joyful – smiling, friendly, and generous.

Tim said that you first assume that he must have been dehydrated from the game the previous night. It’s frightening to have a stroke at such a young age.

Tylin’s mother, Crystal Rodgers-Butt, thought it was a miracle that her child was still alive.

She said she’s been struggling with her faith for the past few years.  “I’ve struggled with the world and being a Christian in particular.” “I’ll be honest. I witnessed prayer’s effectiveness.” ”I saw it, I sensed it,” she said.

“It’s beyond words. It has led me to God once more. I haven’t been this close to God in a long time because of it. The strength of prayer simply moved me. I could spend all day denying God and Christianity, but it all came back to my beliefs. It sounds cliche to say, but you discover God in the darkest circumstances.”

Tim said, “All reports from CMC are leaning toward trauma, but some of the other doctors were wondering that maybe he had an underlying medical problem that went unnoticed.”