Assassination Attempt Against Vladimir Putin Reported

( British media reported that Vladimir Putin’s car was hit in an alleged attempted assassination plot. There were several arrests made after the incident.
RUSSIAN President Vladimir Putin is reported to have survived several assassination attempts and has surrounded himself with an elite squad of snipers out of fear for his life.

According to individuals close to Vladimir Putin, his limo was hit by a loud bang on its left front wheel while driving through Moscow, followed by thick smoke. Putin’s limo was transported to safety, and the president was uninjured, but his security service is said to have been raided. Reports claim only a small group of people knew about the president’s trip, and they were all from the presidential security agency.

According to an anti-Kremlin network, Putin was returning to his official home in a decoy motorcade at the time. The backup convoy consisted of five armored vehicles, with Putin riding in the third.
It is unclear when the alleged assassination attempt occurred, and it has not been verified.
Reports show another attempt is assumed to have occurred at the beginning of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. At the time, Ukraine’s Chief of Defence Intelligence, Kyrylo Budanov, stated that an unsuccessful attempt on the President’s life had occurred. It was unclear who attacked and why.
According to European media, after an alleged conspiracy to murder Putin was stopped in 2012, Chechen Adam Osmayev, who was said to have contacts in the UK, was displayed on Russian television.
Special forces apprehended the alleged terrorist in Odesa’s Ukrainian Black Sea port. He then appeared on Russian state television, partly nude and injured, purportedly confessing.
Reports show British anti-terror police reportedly thwarted another plot to kill Putin in October 2003. Two male hitmen had been arrested and later released.
According to British media, during Putin’s state visit to Azerbaijan in 2002, an Iraqi man was apprehended after allegedly trying to assassinate the Russian President.
Details of another assassination plan against Putin were revealed in November 2002. According to one media site, 40 kilograms of explosives were discovered along the route Putin intended to take. The bombs disappeared before Putin’s vehicle was diverted.
A good night’s sleep is out of the question for Putin.
One reaps what one sows.