Ashley Judd Reveals How She Found Her Mother

( After years of mental illness, grammy-winning vocalist Naomi Judd, 76, shot herself.

Judd’s April 30 death, one day before her Country Music Hall of Fame induction, shook the music world. Naomi Judd and Ashley alluded to their mother’s mental health difficulties in a statement, but additional facts emerged this week on ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

Ashley Judd said that her mother used a gun. She said the family was uncomfortable revealing that she shot herself, but if they didn’t, someone else would.

The music matriarch died at her Nashville-area farmhouse. Ashley Judd made the gruesome discovery while visiting. Her family had given her permission to talk openly about her mother’s death to promote mental health awareness.

“She was suffering, and her days were unpleasant until then,” she said.

Ashley remembers it was a “mixed day” when she was visiting when her mom asked if she’d remain with her. She said, “of course.”

Judd departed to visit a family guest and returned to find her mother’s body.
She went upstairs to tell her that her friend was there.

She is traumatized by what she saw.

Ashley said that the family remembers her for her talent, but they all knew she struggled with mental illness.

She said her mom was a great talker, a star, and an undervalued songwriter. And she had mental illness and sometimes couldn’t get off the couch. Her brain hurt.

Sunday’s Medallion Ceremony welcomed the Judds into the Country Music Hall of Fame as scheduled. Both daughters spoke. The Judds insisted on the ceremony.
Wynona Judd said she didn’t prepare anything because she knew her mother would talk most.
Wynona said she was rushing through her speech because her heart was broken but blessed. She noted that being broken and blessed is a peculiar dynamic, and though her heart is broken, she will continue to sing.

Ricky Skaggs, who inducted The Judds, urged the audience to enjoy despite the tragedy.

Skaggs quoted Matthew 5:4 from the New Testament:

“Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.”

Ashley said that their mother couldn’t wait to be admitted by her colleagues, which illustrates the level of catastrophe inside her. The love and adulation couldn’t penetrate her heart and obscure the lies the sickness told her.