As Middle East Tensions Boil, Israeli People Miss Trump

( People in Israel say that they feel secure in their nation, despite a recent increase in terrorism attacks and the possibility that Iran could continue to build up a nuclear backlog.
That being said, many recently told media outlet Just the News that they felt safer when former President Donald Trump was in office than they do now with President Joe Biden in the White House.
Between March 22 and April 7, more than 12 Israelis were killed in various terror attacks. The most recent attack occurred at a bar located in Tel Aviv.
Despite these tensions, many Jewish Israelis say they still feel safe in their country and are not afraid.
“Israel is very safe,” said Meir, a man who runs a restaurant in Jerusalem’s main market, told Just the News.
He then said that he much preferred having Trump in the White House in the U.S. over Biden. And he’s not the only one who feels this way.
A survey conducted in 2021 or the Mitvim Institute called the Israeli Foreign Policy Index found that only 10.9% of Israelis believed that the Biden administration is better for their country than the Trump administration. Broken down by ethnic group, only 16.7% of Arabs and 9.9% of Jews preferred Biden over Trump.
What’s more, 53% of Israelis overall responded to the survey saying that Biden is actually much worse than Trump for Israel. Broken down, 22.6% of Arabs felt this way compared to 58.2% of Jews.
It’s an interesting flip based on the two major ethnic groups who live in Israel. While neither ethnic group particularly loves Biden, Arabs tend to like him much more than Jews do.
That’s not all together surprising, as Trump often showed much more support for Israel as a whole, while Biden and many progressives in Congress have a more lenient view toward a broader set of people.
Trump also angered a lot of Arabs and people in the Muslim community across the world when he banned travel from many Muslim-majority countries at the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Violence in Israel has been on the rise recently, and people in the country are bracing for even more violence in the coming months. It’s something that is affecting both Palestinians and Israelis who live in the region.
Despite a lot of violence, a lot of people who live in Israel believe the country to be very safe overall. One person who spoke to this with Just the News was Ateret Shmuel, who just returned to Israel after living for three years in the U.S. as part of her work with Indigenous Bridges, which works to connect Jews with other native communities.
She commented:
“Without a doubt, I feel 1,000% safer here than I definitely did in the States or in Europe or anywhere. Here, at least we take care of each other. We’re all in it together.
“Even in times of war and terrorism, there’s still … a very strong sense of togetherness and family [between] Jews, Arabs, Muslims [and] Christians.”