AOC To File Impeachment Paperwork

According to a report, New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D)  pledged to impeach Supreme Court Judge Clarence Thomas if no one else would.

Ocasio-Cortez told Real-Time presenter David Sirota that she would propose and prepare impeachment papers for Judge Thomas if no other Democrat congressman would. According to ProPublica, Thomas has received personal benefits from a GOP megadonor for years.  

The Democrat indicated she would support any impeachment of Thomas, regardless of who wrote it.

According to the report, millionaire real estate developer Harlan Crow gave Thomas and his wife lavish trips and other gifts. Crow informed the outlet that he was friends with Thomas but never influenced the judge.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the authors of ProPublica implied that Justice Thomas broke ethical norms and referenced ethicists to back up their claims.

Nonetheless, it is evident that personal hospitality gifts were not required to be declared under the Court’s guidelines when Thomas’ trips happened.  Private jet travel is included. It is unknown to writers of ProPublica that the Judicial Conference has adopted new guidelines requiring more transparency. The new regulations went into use last month.

Justice Thomas would’ve been required to report gifts that may have created a bias in pending High Court matters. Mr. Crow claims he had never enquired about ongoing court matters. Crow’s extensive ties in conservative politics was the best complaint ProPublica could come up with.

Wall Street Journal reported that in his statement, Justice Thomas said that early in his tenure at the Court, he sought advice from his colleagues and other members of the judiciary. He was informed that this kind of private accommodation from close friends, who do not have matters heard by the Court, was not reportable. 

Thomas continued by saying that the Judicial Conference has just issued new rules that supersede the old ones. In the future, he intends to adhere to this guideline.