AOC Drops New Book Detailing Her Relationship With Her Boyfriend

( Doctor Mehmet Oz, the celebrity doctor running to be the next Republican Senator for Pennsylvania, is facing fresh controversy over his history of endorsing transgender ideology and giving a platform to left-wing extremists.

Breitbart reports how Dr. Oz is running a campaign that focuses on rebuilding the “middle layers of society,” including the family unit and the community. He has slammed toxic culture wars and is appealing to middle-class Americans who want a common-sense candidate.

Over the last few months, however, Dr Oz’s history of platforming far-left activists has caused some in the Republican Party to wonder if he really is the best candidate.

For instance, Oz once gave a platform to transgender children and their parents who allowed them to change their gender identities on his popular show. He also allowed surgeons who perform gender reassignment surgeries on children to appear on his show back in 2015. That’s several years before the trans issue truly became mainstream.

He also featured Jazz Jennings, who was a child when she took hormones to “transition” into being a female. Oz told Jennings’ mother that he loved that she supports her “daughter’s” decision.

“I love the support you’ve given your daughter, it’s wonderful, and you can see the beautiful young woman she is becoming because of it,” he said.

If Dr. Oz doesn’t want toxic trans ideology dominating American schools and ruining children’s lives, then he must speak up and say so right now.