Anti-Trump Belgian Prime Minister Resigns Amid Election Results

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The liberal coalition prime minister of Belgium announced his resignation on June 10th, after right-wing parties gained momentum on June 9th’s national elections, mainly at the cost of left-wing and green parties.

Following tradition, Prime Minister Alexander De Croo resigned and submitted his resignation to King Philippe on Monday, June 10th. His party, the Open Flemish Liberals and Democrats, had suffered a significant loss of popularity.  According to De Croo, they were defeated in this election, and he promised to accept full responsibility for it.

The current centrist-globalist alliance is now in jeopardy due to the near-collapse of the country’s two Green parties.  Until a new government is established, he will remain in his role as caretaker prime minister. 

According to preliminary findings, the right-wing populist Vlaams Belang (VB) will be the second-largest party in Belgium, behind the conservative-nationalist New Flemish Alliance (NVA), which is skeptical of European Union (EU) policies. Even though VB’s underwhelming performance dampened their enthusiasm on election night, the fact remains that the Green parties in Belgium, which host the EU’s institutions, lost 11 out of  21 spots and that the country’s two biggest political parties are Euroskeptic.

De Croo He warned earlier this year that if 2024 delivers ‘America First’ again, it will render Europe will be on its own. His aggressive speeches against former U.S. President Trump and the US in general have stood out.

When the Supreme Court of the United States reversed Roe v. Wade in 2022, the prime minister of Belgium likewise felt compelled to become involved. Then, he spoke out to subtly convey his worry about the global signal that the US Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision might send. There will always be more risky abortions as a result of abortion bans, not less.

He said that in order to improve reproductive health and sexual rights worldwide, Belgium will maintain its international collaboration.