Amber Heard’s Doctor Claims Heard Still Wants Depp In Her Life

( A psychotherapist says that Amber Heard “still wants” ex-husband Johnny Depp in her life.

In a startling interview with Today’s Savannah Guthrie, Heard, 36, doubled down on her abuse claims against Depp, 59.

Cooper Lawrence, a psychotherapist/podcaster believes Heard’s op-ed and interview with Guthrie are attempts to stay in Depp’s life.

Lawrence appeared on Sunrise on Tuesday to discuss Heard.

Lawrence noted that Depp and Heard were divorced in 2017, so everything was over. She told him she wanted to move on, and she wanted him to move on, too. But then she wrote this article, and ever since then, she’s been poking the bear, even though she still wants him in her life. And now she’s back. They have a terrible relationship, but she wants to keep going with it.

But Lawrence thinks Depp’s actions don’t match what Heard wants. She said she thinks Depp wants nothing to do with her and wants him to pay attention to her. And it’s not going to work.

After Heard gave emotional testimony about the abuse she said she received from the Edward Scissorhands actor, she was criticized by people who believed she was acting while she was on the stand.
When asked by Guthrie about Depp’s accusations, Heard said, “Says the lawyer for the man who convinced the world he had scissors for fingers? I’m the performer?”

Heard said that she listened for weeks that she was a bad actress, either in hints or outright statements, so she is unsure how she could be both.

During her appearance on Sunrise, the psychotherapist, Cooper Lawrence, talked about that part of Heard’s interview. She called the actress’s comments “confusing.”

“I mean, the thing is, we all know that Johnny Depp doesn’t have fingers that look like scissors,” Lawrence said about the Pirates of the Caribbean star. “We don’t think he was a real pirate either.” It was all very strange and strange, and I’m trying to figure out what she was trying to do.”

The point was simple. Heard said she was accused of acting on the stand and being a bad actress. She reminded the public that Depp is a great actor. So, when you believe his testimony, but not hers, remember that Depp got you to suspend reality and believe he was a boy with scissors for hands.

Say what you will about the case, Heard’s point here is valid, and it’s strange that a psychotherapist would miss it.