Ali Alexander Admits to ‘Inappropriate Messages’ Online

The “Stop the Steal” rally’s originator, Ali Alexander, had fessed up to sending “inappropriate messages” after several young men accused him of requesting naked pictures when they were teenagers.

The MAGA activist recently released a statement addressing his behavior. In the past, Alexander has acknowledged his bisexuality.

Alexander said he regrets any hurtful comments he may have made. He apologized and wanted his followers and others involved to hear his apologies after he had repented before God and confessed at church.

He said when he flirts with someone or they are with him, he often shows his accomplishments or uses cheesy pickup lines. On other occasions, he’s been reckless and should have established the identity of the person approaching him before engaging in seductive small talk.

He maintains absolutely no wrongdoing has taken place. (Which begs the question, why is he apologizing?)

There have been persistent reports for years that Alexander routinely recruited juvenile boys for prurient means, and this is in addition to his criminal history and his role in the events leading up to January 6th. On Monday, it was reported that erstwhile alt-right ally Milo Yiannopoulos has been pushing videos and other evidence accusing Alexander of recurrent repulsive conduct.

Among the sources cited by Yiannopoulos was Aidan Duncan, also known by his online handle “Smiley.” Duncan claims that at 15, he contacted Alexander to gain a foothold in the right-wing political movement. According to Duncan, he sent Alexander nude photos when the latter requested them, and an examination of his correspondence by The Daily Beast reveals that Alexander tied Duncan’s success to the extent to which he gave in to him.

Recently, Duncan took to Twitter to provide his side of his conversations with Alexander, calling himself “naive and desperate” during that time.

Lance Johnston, who began discussing politics with Alexander when he was 17, also shared his story with Will Sommer. A snapshot revealed that Alexander had subtly asked Johnston for a d*ck image using innuendo. (The “eggplant” emoji.)