Alex Jones Threatens To Cut Himself On Camera

( When Alex Jones, a controversial radio personality, was giving an emotional speech about how much he appreciated his listeners, he took a frightening turn during the conversation.

Viewers expressed a wide range of emotions on Sunday’s episode of The Alex Jones Show. Jones opened the attack by praying to God, asking him to guide him in the proper manner and help him serve his audience in the best way possible.

Jones stated that the show had been shown nothing but success, and they have been shown nothing but triumph. It has been incredible up to this point. And the watchers and listeners are the ones that made this happen!”

He continued by grabbing a knife from a table close to his broadcast desk and saying that’s why when he salutes the viewers. He said he’s not into self-harming, but he just wants to take a knife and cut a finger off right on air to show you how much he appreciates “you and what you’ve done and how much I appreciate you and what you’ve done.”

Jones said this while holding the knife to the base of his finger and stating, “Giving up a finger to beat these people is nothing!”

“You have made a difference in the world! You have defied those who wish to harm. You have succeeded where others have failed. I applaud you.”

Jones said he wanted the viewers to know that he meant it from the deepest part of his heart. “You have my undivided attention because it’s imperative that you recognize that, somewhere out there, there are actual people.”

You must know that other individuals are not harmful and do not worship Satan. That is why people often accuse him of being an actor. He said the loyalists realized he did not sell out to them, and the detractors spent all day accusing him of being a fake.
While putting the knife away, he exclaimed, “They are aware that you did not sell out to them.”

The segment appeared melodramatic and a bit fake on the “finger-severing” front.