Alex Jones Says He’s Done Saying He’s Sorry

( The controversial Alex Jones erupted in court and fought back against the plaintiffs’ attorney during a trial last week over a lawsuit from the families of Sandy Hook victims, according to Mediaite. Jones had raised doubt over the legitimacy of the shooting, suggesting that some of the parents were actors to push a false story.

Jones is facing a second trial over his comments on a 2012 school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, in which 20 children and six adults were murdered. The trial now is assessing how much Jones will owe the family in damages.

But the day in court did not go so smoothly as Jones came face-to-face with some of the parents from the Sandy Hook shooting. He got into a heated argument with the plaintiffs’ attorney Chris Mattei, after he pointed to one of the parents, Robert Parker, and asked Jones if he thought he was real. Jones once accused Parker of being a hired actor.

“That’s the real Robbie Parker. Isn’t it?” Mattei said.

“I mean, I’ve said years ago, I thought Sandy Hook happened,” Jones replied.

“Robert Parker’s sitting right here. He’s real isn’t he?” Mattei said pointing to Parker who was visibly seen in the now-viral video circulating Twitter sitting amongst a group of crying Sandy Hook parents.

“He is,” Jones agreed.

Mattei then began to point and accuse Jones of putting “a target” on the parent’s back over his comments suggesting that Parker was an actor in a hoax, as Jones’ team stood up to object on the grounds of argumentation.

“You put a target on his back just like you did every single parent and loved one sitting here, didn’t you,” Mattei pressed.

“No, I didn’t,” Jones replied as his team objected on speculation.

After the Judge Barbara Bellis tried to interject and keep the trial moving, Jones spoke up again.

“It’s just like all the Iraqis you liberals killed and love. Just—you’re unbelievable. You switch emotions on and off when you want. It’s just ambulance chasing,” Jones fired back.

“Why don’t you show a little respect?” Mattei shot back as Jones’ team continued to object. “You have families in this courtroom here that lost children, sisters, wives, moms.”

“Is this a struggle session. Are we in China?” Jones said. “I’ve already said, I’m sorry hundreds of times. And I—and I’m done saying, I’m sorry, I didn’t pro-generate this. I wasn’t the first person to say it. American gun owners didn’t like being blamed for this as the left did. So we rejected it mentally and said, ‘It must not be true.’ But I legitimately thought it might have been staged and I stand by that and I don’t apologize for it.”

Jones continued to say that he apologized to the parents numerous times and who he is not going to apologize to is Mattei.