Alex Jones Says He Is “The First Domino To Fall”

( Alex Jones, a conservative author and TV broadcaster, was sentenced to pay the Sandy Hook family hundreds of millions of dollars by a Connecticut jury on Wednesday for remarks he made in 2014.

Free speech was once an established concept in America.

Reports show Jones was ordered to give the family the insane amount of 965 million dollars.  Alex Jones owes $229 million in total to the first three claimants, who are all relatives of Sandy Hook victims.

Alex Jones wasn’t the murderer of the Sandy Hook Victims. He only made a mistake in his reporting, which he had long since corrected and apologized for, which is something the fake media has never done.  The left-wing press always gets a free pass for their transgressions.

After the jury’s decision, Alex Jones phoned Steve Bannon’s War Room program.

Jones explained that he was not worth 5 million dollars. There was an attempt to assert that he was worth billions of dollars, and the jury agreed.

It took them more than 20 minutes to read the names of 15 plaintiffs, including one FBI agent who was never identified by name or by a picture before suing him. They all claimed Jones “unleashed hell” on them. And now, any bureaucrat working for the government is threatening to sue anyone who ever makes an alleged “threatening” phone call or sends them a negative email.

And now that he has raised concerns about election fraud, the Republican secretary of state of Texas is considering suing him. I wasn’t even thinking about Texas. He concentrated on the federal election issue.

According to Jones, the left believes the problem lies with Steve Bannon, Donald Trump, and Alex Jones. The ambulance chasers are developing a new legal tactic, and as he warned on social media platforms years ago, they will come after the rest of America. Jones said he is the first domino to fall and is now concerned about everyone else.

The “useful idiot” left is cheering the Alex Jones decisions. They don’t realize they will be next.