Alex Jones Says DOJ Is Coming For His Cat

( After the many rulings he obtained in the lawsuits filed against him by the relatives of the victims of the Sandy Hook tragedy, the host of Infowars, Alex Jones, is afraid that the Department of Justice will come after his ragdoll cat. 

In a video that was uploaded to Twitter by Jones’s wife, Erika Wulff Jones, he stated his most recent accusations. Jones is now bankrupt and owes more than one billion dollars to the families affected by the Sandy Hook shooting. In the video, Jones can be seen holding the purebred cat worth $2,000. 

Jones leveled harassment allegations against the Department of Justice (DOJ) and declared they aren’t getting the ragdoll.   

Jones remarked they spent five minutes of the meeting with the DOJ on the cat, which lasted for hours. They asked if the cat was an asset. Jones said that he had already told them the cat’s worth.   

According to a report, Jones explained that they loved the cat, and he took the questioning seriously, wondering if it was possible they wanted him to sell the cat to give the money over to the Sandy Hook victims.   

Jones has said unequivocally throughout the past week that he and his family would not give up the cat.   

Louder With notes that while some may detest Alex Jones, he has repeatedly conceded that he was wrong and apologized to the families of the victims of the Sandy Hook shooting.  

But the courts are unrelenting, and it is evident that he is being used as an illustration of what can happen to conservatives who go against the grain for too long. 

According to Purina, a Ragdoll cat is a favorite among households due to its outgoing demeanor and easygoing disposition. They are docile and very charming and will gladly take on the role of a best friend. 

For those curious, the name of Alex Jones’ ragdoll cat is “Mushu.”