Alex Jones Hid Millions Amongst Friends And Family Ahead Of Suit

( Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones reportedly transferred loads of money out of his parent company, InfoWars, before he filed for bankruptcy.

According to a recent report from The Washington Post, Jones lost civil lawsuits recently that resulted in him having to pay almost $1.5 billion in total damages. Judges in both Connecticut and Texas ruled that the lies he told regarding the 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School were defamatory in nature to the families of those who were slain that day.

The Post reported that Jones — the radio host who for years said that the shooting was a staged hoax to push gun control — could’ve been moving money around so that he could shield the assets from going toward paying the judgments. In total, 26 people were killed during the shooting, 20 of whom were children.

Records that The Post reviewed show that from August of 2020 through November of 2021, one of Jones’ companies, Free Speech Systems, started to sign promissory notes totaling $55 million to PQPR Holdings, a company that’s jointly owned by him and his parents.

The promissory notes are essential a legal IOU, as they serve as written promises to pay a certain amount of money at some point in the future.

Avi Moshenberg, one of the attorneys who represented the families of the Sandy Hook shooting, commented to The Post:

“In the middle of this lawsuit, they started documenting debts that had no evidence of existing beforehand.”

The lawyers representing the families are arguing in a separate lawsuit that PQPR Holdings isn’t “actually an independent business.” They claim that the fraudulent activities that Jones is taking are being done to prevent his entire $270 million net worth from being forfeited to pay the damages in the case.

Jones also paid a company that his sister manages at least $240,000 from Free Speech Systems, listing that company as a “supplier or vendor,” records show. The Post reported that Jones started this year to pay a personal trainer $10,000 each week for services he provided in shipping his merchandise and supplies.

The Post reported that Jones has done financial maneuvers like this in the past. In 2013, Jones created PQPR Holdings only two months before he split with his now-ex-wife Kelly. Jones has maintained that he created the company to protect him legally, his ex-wife commented to The Post:

“He did that to hide his assets for when we broke up.”

Four companies that are tied to Jones filed for bankruptcy earlier in the year — Infowars Health, Prison Planet, Infowars and Free Speech Systems. A lawyer for the Sandy Hook families said this was all done by Jones to “delay the inevitable.”

Surviving members of the Sandy Hook shooting have experienced years of harassment at the hands of some of Jones’ followers.

Jones claimed for years that the entire shooting was staged, and the family members of the victims were crisis actors. Jones much later on admitted that he knew the shooting actually occurred.