Alex Jones Has Been Officially Sanctioned

( Radio personality Alex Jones, a magnet of controversy, is back in court for a new trial involving the families of Sandy Hook victims.

Eight family members and one FBI agent who reacted to the Newtown, Connecticut, school shooting in 2012 filed the case.

After repeatedly calling the 2012 massacre a fabrication, Judge Barbara Bellis ruled Jones responsible for defamation in this case about a year ago.

Because Jones and his companies, Infowars and Free Speech Systems, allegedly failed to turn over documents, including records that could have revealed how and if they had profited from disseminating false information about the school shooting and other mass killings, Judge Barbara Bellis took the unusual step of issuing a default judgment in the case.

The current trial will decide the amount of the family’s damages that Jones is required to pay. But new problems have emerged.

Jones was not only not present in the courtroom on the first day of the hearing, but Judge Bellis went above and beyond to punish Jones and his group.

The Sandy Hook family has yet again not received case information from Jones and his colleagues. This time, it involved Infowars audience statistics from Google analytics records.

Bellis stated Tuesday that the defendant’s lack of cooperation and “cavalier” attitude toward the court proceedings would not be tolerated. Her admonishment appeared in a video shared on Twitter by Law & Crime’s Cathy Russon.

The judge said that observation reveals that the default was initially caused by their startlingly careless attitude toward their discovery commitments. From the beginning of these cases through the trial, the defendants constantly engaged in slow-moving and obstructive discovery techniques.

Jones requires producing the Google analytic documents, but her explicit court order of September 30th, 2021, which obviously was not followed, also requires it. However, there is no notification in this file to this minute of any extra compliance.

The judge said that Jones and his staff are thus prohibited from claiming that Jones did not benefit financially from the Sandy Hook-related content that was created.

This comes just after Jones was mandated to pay $45 million in damages to more Sandy Hook families by an Austin, Texas judge.