Alex Jones Gets Standing Ovation At TPUSA

( Turning Point USA, a pro-Trump student group founded by Charlie Kirk, invited Alex Jones as a “special remote guest” to a “Defeating the Great Reset” event over the weekend.

Kirk said it’s not President Trump, but the media despises this man more than Donald Trump.

“And that is significant. Okay. Therefore, if you discuss the “Great Reset,” you need to have the most outlawed man in America.”

Kirk announced Alex Jones’s arrival to a thunderous standing ovation.

I kept hearing things like, “Oh, you can’t have Alex at your event,” which only made me want Alex more.

Kirk began by asking Jones what The ‘Great Reset’ is. “What inspired you to write the book?”

Turning Point USA describes what it calls the “Great Reset” as follows:

The Great Reset is a political, social, economic, and environmental strategy to “reimagine” society’s objectives. It was developed by the WEF (World Economic Forum). Due to the ideology’s implementation’s effects on private ownership, energy independence, and the ability to operate farms, there have been widespread demonstrations across Europe. The WEF’s stated goal is to “achieve long overdue changes that foster more equal outcomes,” but maybe their most famous goal is for people to “possess nothing and be happy” by 2030.

One of the greatest threats to human liberty, national sovereignty, divinely established rights, and free enterprise has ever existed is the “Great Reset” proposed by the World Economic Forum. Turning Point USA is leading the campaign to stop the Great Reset.
The World Economic Forum launched “The Great Reset” program at Davos, which is “an endeavor to reduce global inequality and develop environmental initiatives in the wake of the devastation of the coronavirus,” according to the Anti-Defamation League, in June 2020, during the Covid-19 pandemic.

In his book The Great Reset, Glenn Beck claimed that a global “reset” was taking place that would lead to the demise of Western civilization and that there was evidence of this in the form of the planned Covid-19 “internment camps” on Tucker Carlson in January 2022.

Carlson listened intently as Beck declared, “The Great Reset is not a conspiracy theory; it is something that the Davos folks and the World Economic Forum have put together, and it is rife across every Western capital and every Western country.”