Alan Dershowitz Says Democrats Won’t Admit One Key Detail About Trump

( Harvard Law School Professor Emeritus Alan Dershowitz, author of The Price of Principle: Why Integrity Is Worth the Consequences, claimed Democrats couldn’t credit former President Trump for obtaining the Abraham Accords between Israel and the UAE owing to partisanship and animus against the 45th president.

I think President Joe Biden’s journey to the Middle East was built on the Trump administration’s Abraham Accords, Dershowitz stated on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Sunday with Joel Pollak. I can’t convince a Democrat that the Abraham Accords have advanced peace. They won’t give Trump any credit.

Dershowitz gave his judgment based on interactions with Democrats he knows.

He said that the Democrats he encounters in Martha’s Vineyard, New York, and Cambridge are mentally incapable of praising the Trump administration. They fail. They can’t say it because they have maligned the Trump administration that giving them credit for anything would undermine their attitudes. So I don’t believe it’ll happen.

Dershowitz recounted an instance in 2021 when Larry David shouted at him for touching Mike Pompeo on the back. Pompeo was a Harvard student of his.

The esteemed lawyer said left-wing and political Democrat organizations — some posing as Jewish interest groups — have prohibited him from appearing at their gatherings.

“As we speak tonight, there’s an event on Martha’s Vineyard. Sponsored by Jewish Democrats. Now I’m Jewish and a Democrat, but I haven’t been invited because I defended the Constitution for President Trump, therefore, I’m no longer a Jewish Democrat,” Dershowitz said.

He said he’s not sure if he’s too Jewish or too Democrat, but he’s been accepted as a Jewish Democrat for 50 years. He’s attended Democratic Party and Jewish organization functions, but he is no longer welcome when he supports the Constitution.
Organizations that once welcomed Dershowitz to speak no longer do so.

Chilmark Community Center won’t let him talk. The Jewish Center won’t let him talk. Chilmark Community Center won’t let him talk.

He concluded by saying that he’s been censored and barred and is thinking hard about suing the library because they’re publicly funded and tax-exempt, and they’re effectively saying, ‘If you’re anti-Trump, you may talk, but if you’re pro-Trump, this library will not allow you to speak.'”