Airlines Cancel Over 3,500 Flights

( The U.S. airline industry was thrown into chaos over the weekend when more than 3,500 U.S. flights were completely canceled and thousands more delayed. It comes as travel finally begins to rebound with the COVID-19 pandemic finally coming to an end.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has been completely silent about what happened, but other officials said that the perform storm of technology problems, airspace congestion, weather, and staff shortages meant that airlines couldn’t operate as planned.

According to FlightAware, a website that tracks flights, major disruptions were first seen in Florida airports, before spreading to New York, Baltimore, and elsewhere across the country.

Some of the biggest airlines in the country were impacted by the cancelations, including American Airlines, Spirit, Alaska Airlines, Frontier, JetBlue, and SouthWest. JetBlue and Spirit were particularly troubled, canceling more than one-third of their scheduled flights on Sunday.

For Florida, the main problem was the storms that occurred over the weekend. The region saw heavy rain and wind, but flights have now returned to normal as the weather has stabilizes.

Southwest, meanwhile, issued a statement blaming an “intermittent technology issue” for their delays over the weekend:


The truth is that the airline industry has been heavily affected over the last two years, so we probably shouldn’t be surprised when the infrastructure can’t keep up with a dramatic increase in the number of people flying by air.

This is the damage done by lockdowns, and there’s no telling when the industry will be able to return to normal.