Aide Says Zelensky is Delusional About Winning

A close aide to the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, told a journalist from Time magazine that the president is suffering from delusion over his belief in future victory over Russia.

“We’re out of options,” the assistant stated to the reporter of their boss, adding, “He deludes himself.”

The Time reporter replied, “Try telling him that.”

According to Time, Zelenskyy remains steadfast in his belief that he will eventually prevail over Russia, even though he believes he has been personally wronged by the West, which he blames for not providing him with the resources essential to win the battle.

We’re not moving ahead,” the aide told Time of the tense situation on the front line with Russia. Some Ukrainian front-line commanders, the assistant told Time, have started to disobey direct instructions to advance.

According to one Ukrainian commander who spoke with Time, the military can’t commit to an operation Kyiv ordered, given the current situation. They don’t have the manpower or the guns. One of the advisors told the writer that even if all Western military aid were delivered, the Ukrainian military still wouldn’t “have the personnel to deploy” the weaponry.

The political will of the West to support Ukraine has fractured. On Monday, the House Republican Conference released a proposed bill that would cut U.S. aid to Ukraine while increasing aid to Israel. Israel enjoys significant bipartisan backing. The Senate has been discussing a proposal with very similar themes. The prevailing thinking is that the United States must demonstrate its solidarity with our Israeli allies.

Ohio’s Senator Vance said in a statement that providing aid to Ukraine shouldn’t be conditional on receiving it.

The broad nature of corruption in Ukraine was highlighted in a recent Time magazine piece. “People are stealing like there’s no tomorrow,” an essential assistant was quoted as saying by the journalist.