After 27 Years, A Message Was Found In A Bottle

( A note that a guy in Texas and some of his boyhood pals previously written and left behind after placing it inside a bottle has finally been returned to him after 27 years.

The Keep La Marque Beautiful Commission in the city of La Marque discovered Brian Standefer’s message in a bottle while picking up garbage at Highland Bayou Park over the weekend, according to FOX 26 Houston.

Standefer and three pals scribbled a letter on a piece of cardboard when they were approximately ten years old, urging the finder to call one of two numbers. Most likely, the statement was composed around 1995.

The letter instructs, “If not home, leave it on answer [sic] machine.” Please leave a phone number.

The cardboard was autographed by Standefer and his pals, who then put it inside a bottle.

According to Standefer, “We said, maybe one day we’ll be able to uncover this treasure.” Standefer had forgotten all about it.

Twenty-seven years later, the bottle and the note within were discovered.

In Highland Bayou Park on Saturday, Terry Pettijohn was cleaning up garbage with the Keep La Marque Beautiful Commission when he came across the bottle while strolling along the coast, the man informed FOX 26.

It was partially buried, according to Pettijohn, who informed the station. “You know, I think we have a letter in the bottle,” I remarked.

Pettijohn discovered the message from Standefer inside the bottle.

Pettijohn told FOX 26 that he attempted to phone the two numbers listed on the message, but both were unreachable.
According to FOX 26, the commission could still locate Standefer through Facebook and deliver the message.

Standefer told the station that he had to do a double take on the piece of cardboard. He thought, “That’s my phone number. That’s my handwriting.”

According to Standefer and his pals, the bottle was found about two miles away from where they would have left it. Given that one of the friends who signed the note had just passed away, Standefer told FOX 26 that the discovery of the message and bottle had special significance for him.

Standefer remarked that his best buddy, Travis, had passed away a year and a half before. He feels Travis had a role in the bottle’s discovery. He is looking down and assuring everyone that everything will be okay.