Aerosmith Lead Singer Accused Of Horrific Crimes

Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler has been accused of molesting a juvenile model, Jeanne Bellino, in 1975. Bellino claims she met Tyler in New York at the age of 17, and Tyler was 27 years old. According to the lawsuit, Tyler cornered Bellino in a phone booth and forced his tongue down her throat. He groped and unclothed her. Before this, Bellino was never with a boy, let alone a man. She weighed around 115 pounds.

The lawsuit states that Tyler “was erect” and that he was just wearing thin slacks and no underwear. Despite Bellino’s resistance and attempts to get free, Tyler kept her in check. When everyone got back to the Warwick Hotel, Tyler kissed Bellino aggressively and pressed himself against her. Bellino was sobbing and shaking as Tyler murmured in her ear that he would call her to his room afterward. She shook her head at a colleague and limped out the door.

Bellino claims she had extreme mental and physical anguish, severe and lasting emotional distress, physical indications of emotional distress, shame, humiliation, and other forms of personal, psychological, and bodily harm. As a result of the said incident, she ended up in the hospital and has been on medicine ever since.

Almost a year has passed since Julia Misley (formerly Julia Holcomb) sued Tyler, also alleging sexual abuse from when she was a minor. Misley claims that the musical icon used his celebrity to assault, manipulate, and abuse her. After Tyler gained guardianship of her from her mother, he allegedly drugged her while taking her on tour.

In 1973, Misley and Tyler met during an Aerosmith concert in Oregon. She claims that Tyler invited her backstage and later to his hotel room, where he abused her. She claims that Tyler molested her again while they were in Seattle for an Aerosmith show. A year later, Tyler met with Misley’s mom and successfully persuaded her to grant him guardianship. He is accused of drugging and intoxicating the minor, impregnating Misley, and forcing her to get an abortion while they were traveling together.

Tyler claimed in April of this year that he was Misley’s legal guardian, protecting him from any applicable laws. The native of Massachusetts filed a motion asking the court to throw out all charges.