Activists Are Pushing For More School Prayer Under New Supreme Court

( The United States Supreme Court has handed down a decision that sides with a football coach from the state of Washington who prayed while kneeling midfield after the game. Families, teachers, and activists are preparing to push religious worship into public schools. In at least three states, Illinois, Alabama and Oregon, school officials are reviewing their policies on employee prayer.

According to the co-founder of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, school-related events account for fifty percent of the organization’s cases. Those who adhere to religions other than Christianity are concerned that the word “prayer” would be interpreted to signify the Christian form.

Many parents fear their children will be pressured into adhering to beliefs and ideals they themselves do not hold. According to the superintendent of schools in Michigan, having coaches lead children in prayer is one way to assist them in learning about different cultures and religions. “I do think sometimes having a little spirit helps you to play,” he adds.

A faith-based activist group in Hawaii is also exploring methods to integrate prayer into schools and contests as part of their mission. The United States Department of Education has said it has not provided local school districts with any direction about the matter in question.

As a result of the decision made by the Supreme Court on prayer in schools, a member of the school board in Florida has stated that she would want to see more religion studies being taught in the state’s public schools.

In some areas of the United States, students and school board members have prayed together at the beginning of each school day for many years. However, other parents share the worry with what they perceive to be a blurring of the lines that separate religion and state. An ex-Mormon parent in Salt Lake City recounts how difficult it was for his son to comply with his football coach’s request that all players pray before each game.

A mother contacted the Freedom From Religion Foundation after her daughter’s teacher taught her to pray for good grades and behavior.

In May 2019, the foundation complained to the Mid-Del School District. Since then, the family has moved to a new area of the school district, and it is unknown what became of the educator. The superintendent said, “We do not discuss disciplinary concerns involving children or personnel.”