A “Gag Order” For Donald Trump?

A report reveals that the legal team defending ex-President Trump expects the Manhattan court to gag him until trial.

The court would muzzle the 2024 presidential aspirant. The gag order may hinder his right to campaign against legal corruption.

An insider claimed Trump’s legal team believes the Manhattan court would issue an unlawful gag order tomorrow to silence the presidential frontrunner. The legal team may add a First Amendment counsel to oppose this and will do so.

Trump campaign spokesperson Steven Cheung stated that Donald Trump supports free speech and that People should be alarmed by any gag order.

Cheung stated that the ex-President supports transparency and our Constitution. Any effort to prohibit him, the leading presidential candidate, from using his First Amendment right is a totalitarian, weaponized judicial system.  

Reports show New York law allows Trump to be fined $1,000 and imprisoned for 30 days for violating the gag order. After calmly surrendering to the prosecution in New York, the former president spoke at Mar-a-Lago the night before.

The Trump legal team will move to dismiss the lawsuit immediately.

According to a report by Breitbart News, the indictment has rocketed the ex-President in the polls for the primary election in 2024, placing him considerably ahead of his nearest prospective opponent, the governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis.

The primary and general election numbers are encouraging for Trump and are consistent with other polling from major independent pollsters. 

McLaughlin polling asked whether the indictment would affect their vote for Trump.

57% of Republican primary supporters indicated it would increase their likelihood of supporting the former president. Just 8% indicated they are less inclined to support Trump because of it, while 31% said it had no impact, and 4% were undecided.

Voters were also overwhelmingly in agreement that there’s a double standard on investigations involving Biden and Trump.

The moderate Democrats are advocating caution, while other far-left leaders have been excited over the indictment, which may explain why Biden has moved to disassociate himself from DA Bragg in the aftermath of the indictment decision.