A Disgraced Democrat Is Considering Yet Another Political Run

(PresidentialHill.com)- Stacey Abrams, the twice-failed gubernatorial candidate in Georgia, hinted this week that she may be eyeing a future run for another political office.

Abrams appeared on a daytime TV show hosted by Drew Barrymore this week, saying she’ll “likely” run for another public office in the future. She didn’t say whether she’d take another run at governor in Georgia, opt for a different statewide position or turn her focus to a national spot.

On the show, she said:

“I will likely run again. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. If it doesn’t work, you try again.”

Abrams lost to Republican Governor Brian Kemp first back in 2018. That race was fairly close, with Kemp edging Abrams by only 55,000 votes.

That seemed to empower Abrams to build a national following for herself. She was a prominent figure during the presidential election in 2020, getting the word out and getting Democrats signed up to vote and support President Joe Biden and other liberal candidates.

That gave her hope that she might win the Georgia governor’s seat in the 2022 election, against Kemp once again. This time, though, she failed miserably. Kemp ended up winning re-election by more than 7 percentage points, capturing almost 300,000 more votes than Abrams.

Abrams is now being compared to Beto O’Rourke, a politician in Texas who lost his own bid to unseat Republican Governor Greg Abbott. Like Abrams, O’Rourke built a pretty solid national following and even raised a lot of money.

In all, liberals spent almost $200 million trying to back the campaigns of O’Rourke and Abrams, but both of them fell well short of actually winning the race.

It’s been reported since Abrams lost her election that she and the non-profit group that she heads have been spending money in odd — and maybe even illegal — ways.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported recently that some of the campaign expenses that Abrams had for this past election included renting a five-bedroom home so that she could film videos for TikTok.

Other expenses included “pop-up shops” as well as a “swap truck” from which her campaign distributed merchandise as a way to try to appeal to younger voters in Georgia. That, apparently, didn’t work well enough.

During the interview with Barrymore, Abrams commented:

“My first responsibility is to make sure anyone who wants to vote can. Protecting democracy is not about a person. It’s about the ideals.”

Groups associated with Abrams are finding themselves in hot water, too.

In October, the Fair Fight PAC that Abrams founded said it would be investigating whether it paid some of its consultants incorrectly. That announcement came after Fox News aired a report saying that the group made payments for consulting fees to three different individuals who had personal connections to Abrams.

Another group she founded is in hot water for apparently operating as a non-profit in various states without renewing its license to do so.