A Complete List Of Russia’s Remaining Dissenters

The demise of Alexei Navalny is a heavy loss for those who oppose the dictatorship of Russian President Vladimir Putin, but he was far from alone in his fight for reform in Russia.

Putin has been accused of ordering Navalny’s murder in an Arctic jail camp on Friday. The Russian dictator silenced his most renowned internal opponent at the young age of 47.

In 2011, Navalny founded the Anti-Corruption Foundation, which he used to cultivate a network of supporters. It has grown into the biggest anti-corruption group in Russia.

The group’s allies include foundation director Ivan Zhdanov, spokesperson Kira Yarmysh, chief strategist Leonid Volkov, head of investigations Maria Pevchikh, and others.

All of his associates have left Russia in recent years to seek employment abroad because of the intense pressure and persecution they endured there, according to the news wire. They publicly pushed for Navalny’s release from jail and staged rallies as part of their efforts.

In the days after Navalny’s murder, his supporters have spoken out, and on Monday, Yulia Navalnaya, who is Navalny’s widow, made a public commitment to carry on her husband’s struggle for their nation and against Putin.

After falling out of favor with Putin, 60-year-old Khodorkovsky spent a decade behind bars on accusations widely seen as political. He was a dissident and former Russian businessman.

After being airlifted to Germany, he finally made his home in London, where he founded the opposition party Open Russia and its news portal. According to the AP, the organization provided legal assistance to individuals facing politically motivated indictments, promoted educational opportunities, and sponsored politicians in many elections.

One of Open Russia’s leaders, Andrei Pivovarov, was given a four-year jail term after repeatedly facing pressure from Russian authorities.

Even after the organization disbanded, Khodorkovsky continued to investigate the Kremlin and finally established the Anti-War Committee, a coalition that opposed Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Putin was immediately accused of being responsible for Navalny’s death by Khodorkovsky.

A complete list of Russia’s remaining dissenters can be seen HERE.