16 Year Old Boy Charged With Murder of Former Chicago Police Officer

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, the world at large has been altered in largely negative ways for humanity as a whole. In every area of public and  private life for individuals in the western world in particular, existence is simply not the same. The most long-lasting impact that the pandemic has had on humanity in Europe and the North American continent is its effect on the political and social normalcies of those societies. In America, first amendment rights were arguably violated in many states as progressive Democratic governors (and even Republicans placed restrictions on the ability of individuals to publicly worship and gather outside the home. In New Jersey, even the Thanksgiving holiday of 2020 and citizens abilities to gather privately together in their homes was questioned by the state government.  

In public schools and classrooms across the country, progressive Democrats continue to push controversial new curriculums that aim to transform the concept of gender and the traditional family at large. In New Jersey, parents are up in arms across the state as Democratic governor Phil Murphy introduced guidance which took away parental authority and notification in school affairs if a child decides he or she wants to identify as transgender. The House Committee on Education held a hearing to discuss this issue. Recently, a parent in Pennsylvania was arrested for attempting to have lunch with their child. The parent was scheduled to attend a parent teacher conference, but instead ignored directives and entered the school cafeteria. 

There continues to be serious problems with the youth of America. While children deal with age-inappropriate subjects being promoted in public schools, others face serious difficulties and sometimes make life-altering choices from a young age, especially in the negative. In the city of Chicago, a 16 year old boy was charged with murder after shooting and causing the death of a retired law enforcement officer. Larry Neuman, a former Chicago cop, perished Thursday.