100+ Researchers Trained By US Are Working For CCP

(PresidentialHill.com)- An intelligence report conducted by the software development firm Stride claimed that over 150 Chinese-born scientists who worked on taxpayer-funded research in the United States are now working for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) on technologies with military applications, according to the National Pulse.

When NBC, who first obtained the report, questioned the Department of Energy, the federal agency highlighted the importance of international collaboration, saying it is “critical to its efforts.” The department declined to answer any other questions relating to the report.

The identified scientists who once worked at Los Alamos National Laboratory for the last 20 years are now reportedly working with the CCP on sensitive research in China. Some of the research allegedly involves “military application, [including] hypersonic missiles, deep earth-penetrating warheads, [and] quiet submarines.”

The laboratory, located in New Mexico, has a long history dating back to the Second World War, initially launched to research and develop nuclear weapons. But the private report claims that the laboratory has deep ties to the CCP, “supercharging China’s threat to American national security.”

One scientist is identified as Zhao Yusheng, who worked at Alamo for 18 years. During that time, Yusheng secured over $20 million in taxpayer-related research grants. He also received a top-secret “Q-level” clearance that reportedly allowed him to lead defense projects of weapons that could penetrate underground.

In 2016, the scientist began to work for a Chinese-affiliated research center and became the Vice President at China’s Southern University of Science and Technology, of which 15 additional researchers at Alamo were a part.

The scientist was recruited by a talent recruitment program run by the CCP, designed to attract Chinese-born scientists working on U.S. government projects. 80% of Chinese-born researchers are reportedly recruited via such programs, with the communist regime promising them $1 million to return home and work for them, on the condition they use their experience and knowledge obtained from the U.S.

Yusheng reportedly hired another Chinese-born assistant who was previously working with the U.S. on bombs. The assistant later returned to China after filing a patent with that sensitive information.

The DOE has not reportedly said anything of the “revolving door” between Alamo and the CCP, except to say that it “works hard to protect critical defense technology.”