1 In 5 Now Say ‘Not Likely’ Biden Finishes Term

(PresidentialHill.com)- A recent survey from Issues & Insights and TIPP found that 21 percent of Americans said it is not likely President Joe Biden will serve his full four years in office.

When asked how likely it is that Biden will be able to complete his full term, the vast majority, 71 percent, said it was likely while 21 percent said it was not likely and 8 percent were unsure.

However, only 45.4 percent of respondents said it was “very likely” old Joe will make it through to January 20, 2025. Another 25.3 percent said it was only “somewhat likely” grandpa will go the distance.

Democrats were more sanguine with 90 percent saying Joe will manage to drag himself to the end of his term while only 6 percent think his sell date will expire before that.

Only 49 percent of Republicans said Joe was likely to make it, while 43 percent said it was not likely.

Among Independents, 66 percent said Joe was likely to serve his four years while only 22 percent said it wasn’t likely.

Perhaps one of the reasons the vast majority of Americans are hoping Joe will make it to the end of his term is Kamala Harris is the one waiting in the wings.

The Issue & Insights/TIPP survey also asked respondents how confident they are that Kamala would be an “effective commander-in-chief” if a foreign adversary were to threaten the United States.

Only 45 percent of respondents said they had confidence in Kamala. Of those, 24.8 percent were “very confident” while 20.5 percent were only “somewhat confident.

Meanwhile, 45 percent of respondents were not confident in Veep. Of those, 29.9 percent said they were “not at all confident” while 15.2 said they were “not very confident.”

Another 9.5 percent weren’t sure.

Broken down by party, a majority of Democrats, 80 percent, have confidence in the cackling Kamala, while only 14 percent admitted to not having confidence in her.

But, wow. Among Republicans and Independents, confidence in Kamala is really low, with only 14 percent of Republicans and 32 percent of Independents saying that have some level of confidence in Biden’s Veep.

Meanwhile, the majority of both Republicans, 83 percent, and Independents, 55 percent, are either “not at all confident” or “not very confident” in Kamala Harris.